About Me

I've been passionate about education since high school.  I'm dedicated to creating effective learning environments through thorough needs analysis and tailored experiences. Using industry-standard authoring tools, I develop engaging e-learning modules with multimedia elements and interactive assessments to optimize learning outcomes. Prioritizing a user-centric design and easy navigation, I enhance comprehension and retention. Explore my portfolio to see the transformative power of my instructional design solutions.


With a consulting background, I specialize in instructional design tailored to meet clients' business goals. My expertise combines project management, design, and development skills, recognizing instructional design as an iterative process. My consulting experience enhances my understanding of effective ID theories and practices in corporate training, enabling me to overcome bottlenecks and ensure timely project milestones. My education from USC and IDOL Academy expanded my understanding of learning principles, which I apply effectively in corporate settings.


When I'm not doing instructional design, I enjoy the diverse culture of Los Angeles. I like to explore music venues, museums, breweries, and restaurants, with a particular fondness for Korean BBQ. I also enjoy playing guitar and listening to my record collection. In my free time, I indulge in reading and experimenting with home cooking, especially pizza, barbecuing, and making cocktails.