Pharmacovigilance Reporting Training

This is an animation video on the process of pharmacovigilance.

Technology: Vyond, Wellsaid
Audience: Pharmaceutical Employees
Purpose: Train company employees on compliance reporting.

Instructor-led Training

Below are learning materials meant for an instructor-led training (ILT) on how to use the learning software Seesaw. The instructor should use the facilitator guide, PP slides, and a video to help learners create assessments using Seesaw.

Group size: Small or large group
Delivery pace: Learners pace, but overall presentation should be around 10-15 min.
Activities: Real-world scenario assessment

PP Slides
Instructor Guide
Job Aid
If volunteers don’t handle dogs correctly, it could lead to problems with loose animals. Animals might not be trained enough for potential adopters. The long term goal is to adopt out as many dogs as possible to make more room. They need training and socializing. The job aid below is meant to be used on-the-job as volunteers are learning.

Job aid meant for newly trained volunteers to refer to when working with dogs. These are the general steps required to safely walk a shelter dog. The job aid accompanies a short learning module training.